The Holmes’s circa around 1905

After last night talking with my father about the Holmes family, this morning started with a search of my files looking for the family photograph below,

To my horror the photo was nowhere to be found on my hard drive, I have recently turned over a new leaf and moved away from my failing old windows system.
So expected to quickly find the photo on my nice new Apple computer.

But after trolling through literally thousands of images it was nowhere to be found,
As you can see i did eventually find it hiding away on my old computer thats destined for the tip any time soon,

The Holmes Family

The photo along with a few more priceless treasures is now safely copied and backed up to my new system.

There are two children missing from the family photo of eleven Children, my Father thinks the order goes something along these lines.

The boy centre front is my grandfather Thomas W. Holmes (Tom or Tommy Holmes as some people new him by) born 1900
My Great Grandfather stands behind him holding Edward in his alms, Harold by is side.

Front row left to rightEllenHolmes, Mary Holmes, Lillian Holmes,Thomas Holmes, Fanny Holmes, Mother (Mary Rachel Nee Brownlee) holding baby Francis (Frank Holmes), Hannah Holmes.

There were six boys in order of age, Charles, Thomas, Edward, Francis, Clifford, Harold.
FiveGirls in age, Mary, Hannah, Ellen, Lillian, Fanny

I presume the photo is missing the two youngest boys Clifford and Harold

If you know better or can add to the info please contact me.

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