2016 Holiday

Just returned with friends Brian and Kim from Southampton, we have had a fabulous 14 night Italian Mediterranean holiday cruise on “Independence of the seas”, this was our second time on this Royal Caribbean Ship,

4 years have passed since we were last onboard, we don’t intend leaving it that long again Royal Caribbean know how to provide a wonderful holiday experience,

Ports of call were Gibraltar, Nice (Villefranche) France, Rome (Civitavecchia) Italy, Florence/Pisa(Livorno) Italy. Provence (Toulon) France, Malaga,Spain, Lisbon,Portugal.

20160617-20160617-IMG 1371

Our dining group photo taken on the last night

More Cruise photos here

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Oops my apologies for any one trying to contact me through this website the problem is now sorted.

I performed a routine check yesterday and found that mail was not reaching me even though it appeared to be sending ok, once again my apologies if you were expecting a response from me,

Im not sure how long the problems existed as it’s a wile since i last checked for errors.


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