Save money on your phone

Just found this useful app see below for info could save you loads of money†

Oxford graduate Matt King has invented an app you won’t believe you survived without until now.†WeQ4U†is his creation and – although the average person wastes 45 hours a year waiting on the phone – it has more benefits than merely avoiding endless loops of irritating hold music.

Simply put, it is what is claims to be. It will staying queuing on hold for you so you can spend your time doing something else. When you’re through to someone it will automatically dial back and connect you.

As well as saving you time, the app saves you money in two ways – firstly, you don’t waste minutes while the app is queuing for you and secondly it replaces price premium rate numbers with standard national-rate calls included in your monthly allowance.

If you find yourself on hold, you just need to tap†9*†and the app will take over and end the call until it automatically redials once someone’s ready. The only time you pay for the call is while you are navigating through the call centre menus or actually talking to someone. It even reconnects you if the line drops.

You’re probably aware from our†comparison table†just how much some networks charge for typical call centre numbers starting with 08. Because WeQ4U works on an 03 number, the calls are charged at the lowest rate and if you have a monthly bundle, they’re always included.

Even if you don’t get stuck on hold, it’s smart to use the app for 08 numbers in order to avoid exorbitant the mobile rates.

Matt King actually tried to get a £150,000 investment on the TV show Dragons’ Den but unfortunately none of the Dragons quite managed to comprehend the concept and ended up arguing against the problem WeQ4U actually solves. Luckily for him, he’s now making much more than because the app allows him to identify the call centres with the biggest queues and then sell them his†WeQ4U 4 Business†commercial product.

This is some pretty fancy software with tons of analytics to save companies money by reducing abandoned calls by about 90%. And it makes enough to offer the app completely free as well as to cover all the call charges for you.

So really†it’s a win-win situation†and it’s so easy to use and to save money there’s no reason not to use it. Let’s just quickly show how it works in practice.

You can use the service on any phone and any network but this tutorial is to use the†Android appto make things even easier. The first thing we need to do is to open the app. And then simply just go ahead and type in the phone number we want to call. You can see here there’s an option to automatically use the app each time you dial an 08 number to help you save money in case you accidentally dial it on your normal dialler.

Once you’ve typed in the number you just need to press†Call. The app is going to switch over to the normal Android dialler and start calling. Once the call’s connected, if you find yourself on hold just to press†9*†and the app will take over.

It will then play a message telling you what to do and will automatically hang up for you then bring the app back up again. Then it will stay on hold showing you how long you’ve been queuing for and you can just put it on the table and ignore it until you’ve reached the front of the queue.

Once you have an agent pick up the phone WeQ4U will dial out and reconnect you. All of this is automatic having to press anything.

So that was WeQ4U, probably the easiest way to cut down on your phone bill and save time and stress. What are your other must-have apps? Let us know and we might cover them in our next video.

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