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Here is another photo I have just received from my Father, he has no idea where or when it was taken all we do know is the Tall man in the centre is Granddad  Tom with my rather  glamorous  looking Granny  May on his arm,  She has what looks like  a fox fir over her shoulders.
As Tom Holmes was born in 1900 my guess its the mid 1920s  I would love to know more about the picture who are they all, it looks like some sort of  tent in the background and maybe a stall behind the group, also a ladder leaning up to the tree on the left.

Gran and Granddad

Mayfield Hanging Bridge Crash

I have this  photograph printed in the form of a post card!  It came from my Grandfather Tom Holmes and shows a lorry crash at Hanging Bridge Mayfield. The lorry has ended up in my grandfathers allotment.
There is a date written on the back of the photo 1934 altered to 1930 if any one knows any more info let me know or use the Facebook Comments bellow 


The Holmes’s circa around 1905

After  last night talking with my father about the Holmes family, this morning started with a search of my files looking for the family photograph below,

To my horror the photo was nowhere to be found on my hard drive, I have recently turned over a new leaf and moved away from my failing old windows system.
So expected to quickly find the photo on my nice new Apple computer.

But after trolling through literally thousands of images it was nowhere to be found,
 As you can see i did eventually find it  hiding away on my old computer thats destined for the tip any time soon, 

The Holmes Family

The photo  along with a few more priceless treasures  is now safely copied  and backed up to my new system.

There are two children missing from the family photo of eleven Children, my Father thinks the order goes something along these lines.

The boy centre front is my grandfather Thomas W. Holmes (Tom or Tommy Holmes as some people new him by) born 1900
My Great Grandfather stands behind him holding  Edward in his alms, Harold by is side.

Front row left to right Ellen Holmes,  Mary Holmes, Lillian Holmes, Thomas Holmes, Fanny Holmes, Mother (Mary Rachel Nee Brownlee) holding baby Francis (Frank Holmes), Hannah Holmes.

There were six boys in order of age, Charles, Thomas, Edward, Francis, Clifford, Harold.
Five Girls in age, Mary, Hannah, Ellen, Lillian, Fanny

I presume the photo is missing the two youngest boys Clifford and Harold

If you know better or can add to the info please contact  me.


Springfield School 1964 Photo Album

Just added these three to a foto album for an enlarged look, please feel free to leave a comment bellow.

I’m struggling to remember some of the names, I know one or two are on Facebook.

Website Go’s Live

After several weeks of rebuilding my website it go’s live today.

There may be a few teething problems at first, please try to forgive any problems you might come across, I’m using a totally new designed site, hope you like it?  

1964 Rocester Springfield School

Springfield school-2
Springfield school
Springfield school-3

1964 Rocester Springfield School thats me in the bottom pic, top row, second from the left were are they all now ?




Off up to Doveleys Garden Centre, to find a bargain?



This Drone was used by the BBC to Photograph this years action at Ashbourne Shrovetide


When I left Ashbourne late afternoon yesterday the score was 0-0 the ball was not gaoled until early evening by the Up’ards (not sure of the scorers name) 

Today after watching most of the action mainly in and around the pond, Henmore brook, and recreation grounds I left Ashbourne at 4.30 

I tuned in to Ashbourne radio on the way home to here the "Up'ards have scored! The ball was goaled at Sturston Mill by Chris Keeling after a breakaway and a run through the fields.”

From what I saw of this years play the game is as popular as ever with a large turn out on both days.
Long may it continue.

some more photos of todays ball being turned up

Ashbourne Shrovetide

Heading off up to Ashbourne today to photograph the Royal Shrovetide, looks like a nice sunny afternoon is forecast.
If anyone does not know about Shrovetide I suggest you take a look at  

What is Shrovetide?

Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football is a game played in the Derbyshire town of Ashbourne every Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Unlike a conventional football match this game is played over two eight hour periods, the goals are 3miles apart and there are very few rules. As you may have already guessed, the game is infact nothing like a standard football match.

A few photo’s here


Wow what a beautiful day it’s great to see the sun again, decided today looked like the right sort of conditions to recharge my battery’s and head off for an afternoons flying.
Radio control model flying that is, not those big things you sit in (not much for them) had a bad experience once, when I thought my head was going to explode with the pressure build up in my ears.
Never enjoyed the thought of going on holiday flights ever since.

I’m a payed up member of the Leek and Morlands Model Gliding Association and fly mainly at the club flying sites, but today I had no time to travel the 30 or so miles up to the club sites, so just had a quick trip up onto the Weaver Hills its nice up there on a calm day.


 Thats me with my 4 meter wing span “Alpina” glider taken last year in the garden. 


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